Admission to universities in Turkey, Studying in Turkey is one of the best ways to further your education and obtain certificates.

The student, on the other hand, was able to continue his education and work trip, whether in Turkey or Europe.

Furthermore, the education system in Turkish private universities is similar to that of Europe.

To be able to take this next step, you must first gain admission to one of these universities.

This is also an important and sensitive step, which means that all details must be considered, as well as the use of specialized and trusted people in the field, to ensure that you are admitted to this university.

Of course, this is what we offer you through the “Education Portal” website, your safe gateway to a better future.

Where we will work with you step by step while you are in your home country to obtain approval and then welcome you to Turkey.

As a result, in today’s article, we will discuss the steps to obtaining university admission in Turkish private universities, as well as answer any common questions about this topic.

Admission to universities in Turkey

What are the steps for obtaining university admission?

To begin with, private universities in Turkey are an appropriate step for those who want to study at a university with multiple specialization options and without requiring proficiency in Turkish.

With all of these study features, the subject of obtaining university admission requires accuracy and step-by-step follow-up to all documents and stages.

As a result, the steps to obtaining university admission are as follows:

First and foremost, obtaining a high GPA in secondary school.

To be admitted to university, a student must first prepare well and maintain a high grade point average in high school.

Second, decide on a university specialization.

determine the specialization you want to study, which is the most important and difficult step for students who have finished high school.

But don’t worry; we have a specialized team in the education portal to assist students in determining the best major for them.

And that, based on his university average, his desire to study, the location of the university, the costs, and other details that we assist you with in order to make a decision that is appropriate for your ability and ambition.

You can also contact us on the education portal to provide university admission to private Turkish universities for free.

Third: Determine the university to obtain university admission

After determining your specialization, the stage of determining the best university for your ambition is reached via the education portal.

Where we provide students with the best universities at the best prices, with a unique and comprehensive discount for the majority of majors.

Fourth, correctly preparing the necessary files

This is a critical and delicate step. Registration information must also be accurate, sufficient, and from reliable sources in order to ensure acceptance and avoid wasting time searching for it and securing the shortage.

This is true in the Education Portal, where we provide you with enough information about the files required for you to send them to us.

Then our team organizes your files, sends them to the university, and completes all procedures until you are admitted to the university.

Five.. the initial and final university acceptance

 You have completed the first steps of registering for initial university admission, and the next step is final admission.

Similarly, which requires more precision and care to assist you in obtaining final admission, reserving your academic seat, and arriving in Turkey safely.

Finally, once you have received your initial or initial admission from the university, you must transfer a portion of the university fees via bank transfer.

This amount must also be transferred correctly, as any error, deficiency, or discrepancy will cause a delay in issuing your final acceptance.

The final acceptance is to reserve your seat

Furthermore, this acceptance serves as a letter from the university that allows you to obtain a student visa from any Turkish embassy. So, in order to obtain a visa, you must:

Your registration procedures are flawless. This is what we guarantee with the education portal and our team, which will follow up on all of your registration procedures step by step.

It is also worth noting that the arrival of bank transfers to the university causes problems for many students.

This is because there was missing data or an error during the conversion process.

Therefore, the Education Portal team is present with you during all registration stages smoothly and without errors until you obtain the university letter addressed to the Turkish embassies.

Sixth: Traveling to Turkey

Although you have obtained a student visa, there are several things and files that the student must prepare before coming to Turkey and have them certified by his country to complete the final registration process at the university without any obstacles.

As a result, the Education Portal team assists students at every stage of their university studies, from selecting a major to arriving in Turkey.

On the other hand, we assist students in arranging university housing, meeting them at the airport, and completing all necessary procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions About University Admission

What are Turkey’s top universities?

The majority of private Turkish universities are located in Istanbul, which makes them unique. It also opens up many opportunities for you to live near the university.

More importantly, it offers excellent job and training opportunities if you want to work alongside your studies.

In general, can I work while studying?

Certainly, many students study after gaining university admission and work in addition to their studies.

Furthermore, and most importantly, Turkish law permits this for a foreign student.

While he studies to work and rely on himself, in short, it is optional because of the student’s desire and status.

Also, how much does it cost to live in Turkey?

On average, a foreign student spends $350 per month on food, housing, transportation, communications, and luxuries

What is the university acceptance rate?

The benefit of private Turkish universities is that most majors are available for admission.

This is as long as you have a high school GPA of at least 60%.

Finally, do I have to register at the university in person?

In general, no, you do not need to attend because the Education Portal team handles all of the steps necessary to obtain final university admission and meet you at the airport.


Finally, if you need any assistance or have any questions about studying and obtaining university admission in Turkey, please contact us.

You can also contact the Education Portal team; we are here to help you succeed, gain university admission, and begin a new and successful journey in the best possible conditions.

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