Due to the high quality of education and the high ranking of universities, Turkish private and public universities are considered and ranked among the most important universities in the world. This is one of the most significant advantages of studying in Turkey.

Especially given that the high ranking in Turkish private and public universities are the result of a variety of factors stemming from the diversity of disciplines.

Patents, published scientific research, qualified teaching staff, and a variety of other factors are also considered.

These are the factors that motivate students to choose Turkey as a destination for university studies in a variety of disciplines.

It is worth noting that all students want to get into a university with a good reputation and a high-quality education.

There are also numerous methods and tools for evaluating universities all over the world, as most evaluation tools discuss universities in general, but there are several factors that must be considered when evaluating any university.

Factors that influence the evaluation of Turkish universities

As previously stated, there are several factors that must be considered and explained in order to improve the university’s ranking and evaluation.

As these factors are extremely important when selecting the university where you will study your major, and among these factors are:

1. The university’s number of colleges and departments.

2. In addition to the facilities, laboratories and libraries are available.

3. The number of current and recent graduates.

4. One of the most important factors that contribute to a university’s ranking improvement is the number of professors and their scientific ranks, which range from a doctor to an assistant professor to a professor.

5. In addition to the number of scientific papers published in scientific journals by the university.

6. The number of foreign students and the diversity of their nationalities are also important factors in raising the level of any university.

The presence of foreign students indicates that the quality of education at the university has surpassed the borders of the university’s home country, prompting foreign students to leave their home country and travel to another country for the sake of this university.

7. Another factor is the variety of languages taught at the university.

Turkey’s most powerful and numerous universities

Turkey has a large number of educational institutions with high global rankings.

In Turkey, the number of universities exceeds 200, with a mix of governmental and private (private) institutions.

Public universities in Turkey

Turkish public universities have achieved high rankings due to their age, as Istanbul State University was founded in 1453 AD, according to official data.

However, as each major was considered separately, the modern view of the subject of university ranking has become more accurate.

Engineering sciences at the State University of Ankara” and the private “Bilgi” University are regarded as among the Turkish universities with a strong reputation and ranking in this field.

As a result, the overall strength of any university cannot be calculated without taking into account each specialization separately.

Private Turkish universities, on the other hand, have the most advantages because:

1. The Education Portal team assists you in selecting the best university for your needs. When enrolling in Turkey’s private universities, students have the option of selecting a specialization.

2. In addition to a large number of private Turkish universities receiving high rankings. This is due to significant financial investments, which are reflected in the constantly updated and developed facilities and laboratories.

3. Furthermore, the benefits provided by these Turkish universities attract the best educational staff.

And that, from high wages and modern and developed laboratories that provide them with the necessary space to practice their profession and provide education of the best quality to students.

It also provided them with an appropriate environment and facilities for conducting experiments and research, raising the university’s global ranking.

So, what are the most important factors driving the rise in private university rankings?

It is worth noting that the most important factor in the Turkish private university’s rise in ranking is that the majority of its teaching processes are in English.

As a result, students from all over the world come to the university.

The most important aspect of these private universities is that their graduates are prepared to work in the global market due to their English studies.

Furthermore, keep in mind that all universities in Turkey are accredited by the European Union.

That is, through its participation in the Erasmus student exchange program with European Union countries.

Furthermore, students at private universities benefit the most from this program because:

Their command of the English language, which is required for acceptance into the Erasmus programme.

Similarly, the “Education Portalway” team’s knowledge of university details and which majors are strongest in the university qualifies us to be the best helper for you in registering for and selecting the university that meets your ambitions and desires.

Finally, we want to emphasize that in this article, we gathered and clarified all of the factors related to the evaluation of Turkish public and private universities.

This is to assist students in developing a clear and comprehensive understanding of what they require when selecting a university.

We also remind you that you can contact us through the “Education Portal” if you have any questions about selecting and enrolling in universities.

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