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Uskodar University


  • Bachelor’s: 36
  • Masters: 30
  • PhD: 9


  • 19.000 Students

Colleges and schools

  • 6 Colleges
  • 1 Vocational schools
  • 5 Postgraduate schools

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The University of Uskodar has been distinguished by its laboratories, as well as brain planning, genetics (DNA insulation), and nervous psychology, since its inception in 2011 by the Human Values and Mental Health Foundation.

The University of Uskodar uses modern teaching methods and research methodology in its teaching, and it contributes to the improvement of the country’s social, economic, and cultural structure, as well as providing educational and research facilities at the international level, particularly in the fields of science, health, tourism, history, and cultural resource management.

Through high-quality educational, training, and applied programs, the University of Uskodar aspires to be a leading and typical university that contributes to urban and regional development.

Why University of Uskodar ?
The University of Uskodar has over 19,000 students of various nationalities and specialties, forming a suitable academic climate for all applicants.

Uskodar University provides students with an enormous educational opportunity through its high-quality educational staff, which is more than 500 academics distributed across four university forbidden in Istanbul. The campus of the University of Uskodar is distinguished by its modernity and view, as well as its proximity to Istanbul’s internal transportation.

The University of Uskodar is a participant in the Erasmus international student exchange program, with over 400 Erasmus students currently enrolled at the University of Uskodar .

The variety of programs taught at the University of Uskodar raised the university’s standing among other universities, with 120 specializations available at the Master, PhD, and Bachelor levels.

Uskodar University’s goals include becoming one of the leading international universities capable of improving people’s mental health while also benefiting society economically and culturally.

Continuous academic program improvement, as Uskodar University also employs practical learning and research curricula based on European and international standards.

The University of Uskodar aspires to be one of the world’s 500 best universities by 2023.
Contributing to the education system in general, being compatible with the Bologna process, and being appropriate for the goals and vision established by the government planning organization in accordance with Turkey’s social and cultural development.

To be a university that contributes to the country’s social, economic, and cultural structure while also providing international educational and research facilities, particularly in the fields of science, health, tourism, history, and cultural resource management.

Through high-quality educational, training, and applied programs, Uskodar University becomes a pioneer and a model that contributes to urban and regional development.

To become a world-class international university that contributes to regional development.

The creation of high-quality educational, training, and applied programs for people that are supported by the use of technology and address issues concerning modern humans.

What distinguishes the University of Uskodar from the other universities?
Uskodar seeks to develop scientific activities that contribute primarily to solving health problems for humanity, particularly the peoples of our region, by developing high-quality academic programs and utilizing resources as efficiently as possible.

The University of Uskodar is unique in providing distinguished specializations such as forensic medicine specialization, in addition to its focus on the specialties of genetics, genetics, and biology sciences that contribute to the establishment of active and trainers who are able to benefit society through the most recent scientific knowledge.

In a scientific manner, the university offers distinguished specializations in the field of graduate studies such as psychology and Sufi sciences.

Varity of Majors
What are the University of Uskodar strategic objectives?

Training qualified cadres to develop the health sector in Turkey and around the world (particularly in the areas of psychology and nerves).

Experts in patient rights training, creators of moral standards, and moral advisors familiar with the psychological and social structures of patients as they are implemented in hospitals in developed countries.

Promoting Istanbul as a global city in many fields and as a mental health attraction by exporting health services and education to help the national economy.

Creating new tools through organizations that are specifically designed to provide the community with the university’s new inventions and patents.

The university offers two learning schools.

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Available majors at Eskisehir University

Bachelor's degree
Specialization Language Language
طب بشري EN 19,000$
طب بشري TR 15,000$
طب اسنان TR 13,000$
الكرتون والرسوم المتحركة TR 3,200$
تصميم الاتصالات المرئية TR 3,200$
علاقات عامة TR 3,200$
الاعلام و الاتصالات TR 3,200$
راديو، تلفزيون وسينما TR 3,200$
تصميم الإعلان والاتصالات TR 3,200$
الصحافة TR 3,200$
فلسفة TR 3,200$
علم النفس EN 3,900$
علم النفس TR 3,200$
الترجمة التحريرية و الفورية EN 3,900$
العلوم السياسية والعلاقات الدولية EN/TR 3,900$
العلوم السياسية والعلاقات الدولية TR 3,200$
علم الإجتماع TR 3,200$
التاريخ TR 3,200$
علم الطب الشرعي TR 3,200$
هندسة كمبيوتر EN 3,900$
الهندسة الحيوية EN 3,900$
هندسة الكهرباء والالكترون EN 3,900$
هندسة صناعية EN 3,900$
الهندسة الكيميائية EN 3,900$
علم الأحياء الجزيئية وعلم الوراثة EN 3,900$
علم الأحياء الجزيئية وعلم الوراثة TR 3,200$
هندسة البرمجيات EN 3,900$
التغذية و الحمية TR 3,200$
تنمية الطفل TR 3,200$
علاج مشاكل اللغة والكلام TR 3,200$
القبالة TR 3,200$
علاج وظيفي TR 3,200$
العلاج الطبيعي وإعادة التأهيل TR 3,200$
تمريض TR 3,200$
الصحة والسلامة المهنية TR 3,200$
السمعيات TR 3,200$
الأجهزة التقويمية والأطراف الاصطناعية TR 3,200$
تقنيات الحقن والقسطرة TR 3,200$
إدارة الصحة TR 3,200$
الخدمة الاجتماعية TR 3,200$
تحضير اللغة التركية (4 مستويات) TR 1,000$
تحضير اللغة الانكليزية EN 3,900$
Master's degree
Program Price (in $) Language
Crime Prevention and Analysis 4,350 TR
Crime Scene Investigations and Criminalistics 4,350 TR
Crimes of Forensic Computing 3,300 TR
Criminal Justice 3,300 TR
Forensic Chemistry 4,350 TR
Forensic Genetics 4,350 TR
Forensic Nursing/ Midwifery 4,350 TR
Forensic Pharmacology and Toxicology 4,350 TR
Forensic Psychology 4,150 TR
Computer Engineering 3,300 TR
Addiction Counseling and Rehabilitation 3,100 TR
Gynecology Nursing 3,100 TR
Child Development 3,300 TR
Child Health and Diseases Nursing 3,300 TR
Community Mental Health Nursing 3,100 TR
Health Management 3,300 TR
Internal Diseases Nursing 3,300 TR
Neuroscience 3,300 TR/EN
Occupational Health and Safety 3,300 TR
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 3,300 TR
Psychiatric Nursing 3,300 TR
Social Work 3,300 TR
Speech and Language Therapy/ Dyslexia and Specific Learning Disorders and Therapy 3,300 TR
Women’s Health and Obstetric Nursing 3,300 TR
Bioengineering 3,300 TR
Biotechnology 3,300 TR
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 3,300 EN
Molecular Biology 3,100 EN
Applied psychology 6,000 TR
Clinical Psychology 15,000 TR
Family Counseling 3,300 TR
Media and Cultural Studies 3,300 TR
Neuromarketing 3,300 TR
New Media and Journalism 3,300 TR
Cyber Security 3,300 EN
Sufi Culture and Literature 4,550 TR
Computer Forensic and Digital Evidence 3,300 TR
Forensic Molecular Biology 3.943$ TR
Visual Communication Design 3.300$ TR