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Istinye University


  • Bachelor: 40
  • Master: 10
  • Doctorate: 1


  • 7.000 Students

Colleges and schools

  • 7 Colleges
  • 3 Vocational school
  • 3 Postgraduate schools

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Anatolian Foundation established the University of Istinye in 2015 as an academic educational university interested in gaining knowledge through scientific research. By transferring success in the health care sector to university education, the University of Istinye aspires to be among the most prestigious universities in Turkey and the world. The University of Istinye is one of the best private Turkish universities in Istanbul/Europe, and it is distinguished by its great attention to medical specialties, with three research hospitals dealing with the University of Istinye and providing its students with specialized practical training within its affiliated hospitals, which are:

VM Medical Park – Liv Hospital – Medical Park
These hospitals are distinguished by combining the academic approach to the University of Istinye and the ideal service method for the LV principle, and they aim to reach the pinnacle of health care through excellent patient care, expert employees, and advanced hospital technology.

Other colleges, in addition to medicine, health sciences, and pharmacy, include arts, sciences, economics, administrative and social sciences, engineering, and architecture.

University Life and Facilities at the University of Istinye : The University of Istinye has three campuses in Istanbul, each with 94 academic halls, four architectural studios, four computer classes, and two conference halls, a library, a sports club, study halls, and common spaces for social, cultural, and sporting activities.

The main campus of the university is located in the Jafzli Bagh area in the center of Istanbul, which is a vital transportation hub for the city, with a metrobus station and a tram station completely nearby, from which you can reach any location in Istanbul.

Estinia University has approximately 5500 students and over 300 academics.
The Istinye University is distinguished by its modern architecture, distinctive architectural views, and advanced technologies, which provide students with an appropriate study environment.

The mission of the University of Istinye is to provide a university service that prioritizes human values as a fundamental rule in research, planning, education, and training.

Increased educational and teaching experience richness through innovative and creative curricula.

Through our academic, scientific, and cultural activities at the University of Istinye , we strive to make the greatest possible contribution to the formation of a better future.

Contributing to the increase of productive, qualified, and intellectuals who bear the responsibility of contributing to all humanity, they truly understood the university’s morale, and they can express freely about their ideas, as required by the necessities of the times.

Developing individuals capable of participating in teamwork in the spirit of multidisciplinary teamwork and of analyzing knowledge.

Respecting knowledge and contributing to humanity’s efforts to obtain real and sensitive information in order to realize social and technological requirements, respecting diversity within society, and supporting scientific moral values.

The vision of Istinye University is evident in its participation of its academic knowledge locally and internationally by integrating it with the different perspectives of local and foreign scientists, and always working in light of science and progress as evidence in the academic world in order to create a brighter future for society.
Student exchange programs at Istinye University: Istinye University provides a unique environment for international students from various countries to receive their university education and graduate studies.

In addition to Erasmus + and international exchange programs, Istinye University has become a global and scientific educational institution through academic collaboration with world-renowned universities.

Erasmus + is a student exchange program funded by the European Union that provides students with educational and training opportunities.
Memorandum of Understanding (MO): A Memorandum of Understanding (MO) is a cooperation agreement signed by two or more organizations that forms the main structure of mutual relationships and can provide an opportunity to change joint research studies. Studies are conducted within the scope of academic and scientific activities such as conferences and seminars following the signing of cooperation agreements.

MAA: A Memorandum of Agreement (MAA) is a program that allows University of Istinye students to study in different countries through bilateral agreements with prestigious universities around the world.

Istinye University recognizes the importance of extracurricular activities that allow students to unwind, harmonize, socialize, and communicate. The university intends to create an open environment through sport to encourage students to actively participate in sports and social clubs in order to enhance and develop leadership spirit and training.
When new students arrive, they are informed about the many sports and clubs offered by the University of Istinye and encouraged to participate. Basketball, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, swimming, and football are some of the gyms provided by the university.

Students who want to exercise more competitively can represent the University of Istinye and apply for a sporting scholarship. Throughout the year, the University of Istinye actively participates in sports competitions and challenges. Experiments are carried out, and the best players for each team are chosen at the start of each semester.

Students can benefit from sports activities in the following ways: improved teamwork; increased confidence; better time management; improved reaction; enjoyment; meeting new people; relief from life pressures, a sense of relaxation, and so on.

Istinye University’s characteristics: The University of Istinye intends to provide high-quality health services and access to society in accordance with its vision of becoming a center of science and research.

The university offers its students a diverse range of knowledge as well as an advanced and modern learning environment.
The University of Istinye aspires to: – Be ranked among the most prestigious universities in the world and in Turkey by contributing to the creation of new knowledge through their educational and research performance, and by assisting their students in becoming well-equipped in their fields through the sharing of existing knowledge.

– Contributing to humanity’s progress and playing an important role in our society’s social, cultural, economic, scientific, and technological development by raising the level of competent and creative individuals.

The University of Istinye is interested in developing its students as leaders by providing them with the power of science, closely monitoring global developments, and preparing them to think critically, respect human and moral values, and work to improve self-improvement and creativity.

Its graduates went to work environments by direct linking and partnerships such as Lev, Medical Park and VM Medical Park collected under one roof by Mlp Care Group.

Available majors at Istinye University

Bachelor's degree
Field of Study Program Language Price ($)
طب بشري Medicine EN 22,572$
طب بشري Medicine TR 18,468$
طب اسنان Dentistry EN 19,186$
صيدلة Pharmacy EN 11,286$
صيدلة Pharmacy TR 10,260$
تغذية وحمية Nutrition and Dietetics TR 4,940$
تنمية الطفل Child Development TR 4,390$
علاج مشاكل اللغة والكلام Speech and Language Therapy TR 4,390$
قبالة Midwifery TR 4,390$
علاج طبيعي واعادة تأهيل Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation EN 6,175$
علاج طبيعي واعادة تأهيل Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation TR 4,940$
تمريض Nursing EN 4,940$
تمريض Nursing TR 4,940$
خدمات اجتماعية Social Work TR 4,390$
هندسة كمبيوتر Computer Engineering EN 5,489$
هندسة كمبيوتر Computer Engineering TR 5,489$
هندسة كهرباء والكترون Electrical-Electronics Engineering EN 5,489$
هندسة صناعية ونظم Industrial Engineering EN 5,489$
هندسة مدنية Civil Engineering EN 5,489$
هندسة ميكانيك Mechanical Engineering EN 5,489$
هندسة برمجيات Software Engineering TR 5,489$
هندسة برمجيات Software Engineering EN 6,175$
اللغة الإنجليزية وآدابها English Language and Literature EN 4,390$
علم الأحياء الجزيئية وعلم الوراثة Molecular Biology and Genetics EN 4,390$
علم نفس Psychology TR 4,940$
علم نفس Psychology EN 5,489$
علم اجتماع Sociology EN 4,320$
اللغة التركية وآدابها Turkish Language and Literature TR 4,390$
اقتصاد Economics EN 4,390$
إدارة أعمال Business Administration EN 6,175$
تجارة دولية وأعمال International Trade and business EN 4,390$
نظم المعلومات الإدارية Management Information Systems EN 4,390$
نظم المعلومات الإدارية Management Information Systems TR 4,390$
إدارة صحية Healthcare Management TR 4,390$
علوم سياسية وإدارة عامة Political Science and Public Administration TR 4,390$
علاقات دولية International Relations EN 4,390$
علاقات عامة ودعاية Public Relations and Advertising TR 4,390$
راديو وتلفزيون وسينما Radio, Television and Cinema EN 4,390$
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts TR 4,940$
فنون الطبخ Gastronomy and Culinary Arts EN 4,940$
عمارة داخلية تصميم بيئي Interior Architecture and Environmental Design TR 5,489$
عمارة Architecture EN 5,489$
عمارة Architecture TR 5,489$
كيمياء Chemistry TR 4,390$
فلسفة Philosophy TR 4,390$
الترجمة الفورية والترجمة الإنجليزية English Interpretation and Translation EN 4,390$
الرياضيات Mathematics EN 4,390$
التصميم الصناعي Industrial Design TR 4,860$
تصميم الألعاب الرقمية Digital Game Design EN 4,940$
المعلوماتية الحيوية وعلم الوراثة Bioinformatics and Genetics EN 5,400$
الهندسة الطبية الحيوية Biomedical Engineering EN 6,175$
تصميم الاتصالات المرئية Visual Communication Design TR 4,390$
وسائل الإعلام الجديدة والاتصالات New Media and Communication EN 4,390$
الإذاعة والتلفزيون والسينما Radio, Television and Cinema TR 4,390$