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Istanbul Okan University


  • Bachelor’s: 63
  • Masters: 41
  • PhD: 13


  • 25.000 Students

Colleges and schools

  • 8 Colleges
  • 2 Vocational schools
  • 3 Postgraduate schools

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Istanbul Okan University is a private university that offers higher education and is one of Turkey’s most active and emerging universities. The Okan Foundation for Culture, Education, and Sports established it in 1999.

Istanbul Okan University, which has over twenty-five thousand students, has seen rapid development and growth, with 63 university programs, 41 master’s programs, 13 doctoral programs, and 8 colleges, two vocational schools, and three postgraduate schools.

What distinguishes Istanbul Okan University?
The motto of Istanbul Okan University is “the university closest to the business world.” Based on this, Istanbul Okan University effectively combines theoretical sciences with applied practice by employing expert and professionally trained faculty members in their fields, taking a modern approach to education, and emphasizing practical-oriented studies. Which begins in the first year of study and prepares students for practical life.

Istanbul Okan University distinguishes itself through protocols of cooperation with national and international business institutions and companies, meeting their training needs and conducting joint research.

In addition to engineering majors such as mechatronics engineering and many distinguished scientific branches, Istanbul Okan University offers professional civil aviation majors and many distinguished specializations such as human medicine and dentistry in both English and Turkish.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has authorized Istanbul Okan University to provide Standard Aviation Training. The Atlantic Flight Academy (AFA), a partner with Istanbul Okan University, conducts the flight training components of the courses.

Istanbul Okan University works with the following institutions:
Council of Foreign Economic Relations of Turkey
Business Council between Turkey – the continents of Europe and Asia
Information and Communication Technologies Authority
Turkish Contractors Association
Association of Turkish Travel Agencies
International Carriers Association
Turkish Tourism Investors Association
Turkish Airlines
Sabiha Gokcen International Airport
Turkish Red Crescent
In addition to academic institutions such as Peking University, Murray State University and Anadolu University.

Campus and university life at Istanbul Okan University:
Istanbul Okan University contains 10 faculties and its own medical hospital and dental hospital.

Istanbul Okan University Akfırat Campus is distinguished by the sophistication of contemporary architecture and contains all of the features expected of a modern university. The Akfırat Campus at Istanbul Okan University is fully equipped to ensure that students receive an effective education.

The university, which is home to both national and international undergraduates and graduates, offers a wide range of programs in English and Turkish, as well as international accreditation of its degree.

Modern classrooms, computer and technology labs, a library, conference rooms, a fitness center, a swimming pool, gyms, cafeterias, and restaurants are among its amenities.

The Akfırat campus of Istanbul Okan University is also notable for its location, as it is close to Sabiha Airport and the famous Istanbul Racecourse.

There is also a social center on campus, which includes a mini-cinema, sauna, cafeteria, cocktail hall, shopping center, and student club rooms. Furthermore, the sports center, which includes a gym with a capacity of 400 people, a swimming pool, tennis, basketball, volleyball courts, and a football field, is designed to allow students to make the most of their free time.

What housing options are available at Istanbul Okan University?
At Istanbul Okan University, male and female students have separate options for university housing and dormitories. Bedrooms, study rooms, a dining hall, a cafeteria, a cleaning service, a laundry, a security team that works day and night to ensure the safety of students throughout the university residence, a hospital with a doctor on call 7 days a week, wireless and cable internet, heating and hot water are all available 24 hours a day.

The vision of Istanbul Okan University is to become a high-level global university that plays a significant role in improving society and professional life through the teaching method offered by Istanbul Okan University, which is represented by providing high-level education and thus preparing its students to enter the world of modern business, while also remaining open to local competition.

The mission of Istanbul Okan University is to train students to think analytically and multiply, as well as to instill a sense of initiative in students.

Invest in and support innovative scholars and researchers who can successfully integrate education and training, thereby assisting Istanbul Okan University students in becoming exceptional graduates who are creative in their fields of specialization.

Making social responsibility and environmental awareness a top priority for Istanbul Okan University by focusing on educational and research activities aimed at meeting the needs of society.
Using information to create technology and social benefits.

Istanbul Okan University seeks to bridge the gap between undergraduate students and the business world. To that end, the university offers students the opportunity to work in businesses as part of a career preparation program.

The vision of Istanbul Okan University is that these programs provide students with more than just an introduction to business and an opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills; they also motivate students and prepare them psychologically and intellectually for professional life.

Student exchange programs at Istanbul Okan University: Istanbul Okan University places a high value on international relations.

Istanbul Okan University offers specialized, practice-oriented education that necessitates collaboration with high-quality international universities.

The Erasmus Program Office at Istanbul Okan University coordinates and implements bilateral and multilateral agreements and protocols with European universities, as well as assisting students in finding and selecting the best universities to study at in Europe.

Istanbul Okan University’s social and cultural activities:
Social and cultural activities are an important part of education at Istanbul Okan University. The university hosts seminars and conferences with the participation of eminent scholars. Through student clubs, students are constantly encouraged to participate in social, cultural, and sporting activities. The Student Tourist Club organizes frequent trips to historical sites and tourist areas in Istanbul and throughout Turkey. The Spring Festival at Istanbul Okan University has captured the attention of students from other universities as well as Okan students.

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Available Majors at Istanbul Okan University

Bachelor's degree
التخصص Specialization Language Cost (USD)
طب بشري Medicine EN 20,500$
طب بشري Medicine TR 19,500$
طب الأسنان Dentistry EN 18,000$
طب الأسنان Dentistry TR 16,500$
التمريض Nursing TR 4,500$
التغذية والحمية Nutrition and Dietetics EN 4,500$
التغذية والحمية Nutrition and Dietetics TR 4,000$
تنمية الطفل Child Development TR 4,400$
العلاج الطبيعي والتأهيل Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation TR 4,000$
إدارة الصحة Health Management TR 4,400$
هندسة صناعية Industrial Engineering EN 4,500$
هندسة صناعية Industrial Engineering TR 4,400$
هندسة الكمبيوتر Computer Engineering EN 4,500$
الهندسة الكهربائية والإلكترونية Electrical & Electronics Engineering EN 4,500$
هندسة ميكانيك Mechanical Engineering EN 4,500$
هندسة مدنية Civil Engineering EN 4,500$
هندسة مدنية Civil Engineering TR 4,000$
هندسة الميكاترونكس Mechatronics Engineering EN 4,500$
كابتن طيار Flight Training (English) EN 8,000$
العمارة الداخلية Interior Design (English) EN 4,500$
هندسة السيارات Automotive Engineering EN 4,500$
علم الوراثة والهندسة الحيوية Genetics and Bioengineering EN 4,500$
هندسة البرمجيات Software Engineering EN 4,500$
إدارة الطيران المدني Civil Aviation Management TR 4,000$
العمارة الداخلية Interior Design TR 4,000$
نظم وتكنولوجيا المعلومات Information system and Technology TR 4,500$
السينما والتلفزيون Cinema and television TR 4,000$
تصميم الاتصالات المرئية Visual Communication Design TR 4,000$
هندسة معمارية Architecture EN 4,500$
هندسة معمارية Architecture TR 4,400$
الترجمة التحريرية و الفورية (التركية-الإنجليزية) English Translation and Interpreting (English) EN 4,000$
علم النفس Psychology EN 4,500$
الترجمة التحريرية و الفورية (التركية-الروسية) Russian Translation and Interpreting (Russian) RU 4,000$
الترجمة التحريرية و الفورية (التركية-الصينية) Chinese Translation and Interpreting (Chinese) CH 4,000$
الترجمة التحريرية والشفهية / اللغة العربية Translation and Interpreting (Arabic) AR 4,400$
علم الإجتماع Sociology TR 4,400$
إدارة الأعمال Business Administration EN 4,500$
إدارة الأعمال Business Administration TR 4,000$
التجارة العالمية International Trade EN 3,500$
التجارة العالمية International Trade TR 4,400$
علاقات دولية International Relations EN 4,500$
علاقات دولية International Relations TR 4,000$
الخدمات اللوجستية والنقل الدولي International Logistics and Transportation EN 4,500$
العلاج الطبيعي وإعادة التأهيل Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (English) EN 4,500$
الاقتصاد والتمويل Economics and Finance EN 4,500$
فنون الطهو Gastronomy (English) EN 4,500$
السياحة وإدارة الفنادق Tourism and Hotel Management TR 4,400$
المحاسبة والمراجعة Accounting and Auditing TR 4,400$
الخدمات اللوجستية والنقل Logistics and Transportation TR 4,400$
تمويل دولي International Finance TR 4,400$
حقوق Law TR 4,000$
علم النفس Psychology TR 4,000$
معلم اللغة الإنجليزية English Language Teaching EN 4,000$
معلم رياض أطفال Pre-School Education TR 4,000$
معلم التربية الخاصة Special Education Teaching TR 4,000$
العلاقات العامة والدعاية والإعلان Public Relations and Advertising TR 4,000$
المحاسبة والمراجعة Accounting and Auditing TR 4,400$
فن حسن الأكل Gastronomy TR 4,000$
الإدارة الرياضية Sports Management TR 4,000$
قيادة طائرة Pilotage EN 8,000$
ادارة الطيران Aviation Management TR 4,400$
وسائل الإعلام الجديدة New Media TR 4,400$
نظم و تكنلوجيا المعلومات Information Systems and Technology (Turkish) TR 4,000$
موسيقى Music TR 4,000$
مسرح Theater TR 4,000$
تكلفة السنة التحضيرية English language prep school EN 4,600$
تكلفة السنة التحضيرية للتخصصات الطبية English language prep school for medicin or dentectry EN 8,000$
Master's degree
Cost Language Specialization
5,400$ EN or TR Business Administration
5,400$ TR Sales and Marketing
5,400$ TR Translation Studies
5,400$ TR Psychology
5.400$ TR Clinical Psychology (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
5,400$ TR Local Administrations (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
5,400$ TR Accounting and Auditing
5,400$ TR International Trade (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
5,400$ TR Logistics Management
5,400$ TR Banking
5,400$ TR Real Estate Finance and Valuation
5,400$ TR Entrepreneurship
5,400$ TR Painting (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
5,400$ TR Educational Administration and Supervision
5,400$ TR Early Childhood Education
5.400$ TR Fashion Design (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
5,400$ TR Cinema & Television (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
5,400$ EN Gastronomy
5,400$ TR Sports Management (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
5,400$ TR Music (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
5,400$ TR Private Law
5,400$ TR Marketing Communication and public Relations
5,400$ TR Human Resources Management (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
5,400$ TR Social and Cultural Studies
5,400$ TR Computer Engineering (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
5,400$ TR Information System and Technologies(Thesis or Non-Thesis)
5,400$ EN Power Electronics and Clean Energy Systems
5,400$ EN Advanced Electronics and Communication Technology
5,400$ TR Civil Engineering
5,400$ TR Occupational Health and Safety (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
5,400$ TR Urban Renewal
5,400$ TR Architecture
5,400$ EN Architecture (English)
5,400$ TR Engineering Management (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
5,400$ EN Automotive Mechatronics and Intelligent Vehicles
5,400$ TR Explosives Engineering
5,400$ TR Nutrition and Dietetics (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
5,400$ TR Child Development and Education (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
5,400$ TR Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
5,400$  TR  Nursing (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
5,400$ TR  Healthcare Management (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
5,400$ TR Quality Management in Healthcare (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
5,400$ TR Sports Physiology (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
5,400$ TR Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology