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Bahcesehir University


  • More than 100 branches in all specialties


  • 24.700 Students

Colleges and schools

  • 9 faculties + 1 vocational school (4 years)
    1 vocational school
    1 postgraduate school

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According to the Times Higher Education (THE) organization for the ranking of universities in Asia Asia University 2019, Bahçeşehir University ranked 251 and at the level of Turkey it ranked fourth among private universities in Turkey

With over 27,000 students from more than 120 nationalities from all over the world, Bahçeşehir University was known for its educational quality and for providing the highest academic level in all stages of education and scientific research, and it carried the slogan (The World University is in the heart of Istanbul and the meeting place of the two continents).

Bahçeşehir University was established in 1998 AD in Istanbul, the tourist and economic capital of Turkey. Since its inception, the university has been distinguished by the formation of relations with universities and international educational institutions. It includes exchange programs for educational staff and students with many universities around the world, including: Yokogawa University, Berlin Technical University, New York University, University of Harvard, MIT and Stanford University.

Bahçeşehir University offers 33 fellowship programs, 146 bachelor’s programs within 9 colleges and two vocational schools, 160 master’s programs and 27 doctoral programs, and with this great diversity of education programs, Bahçeşehir University has occupied a prestigious position among Turkish private universities.

Bahçeşehir University has entered the world by opening branches in a number of countries, including the United States of America, Germany, Canada, Georgia, China, Italy, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, where the university aspires to achieve the highest international scientific status in terms of scientific research and educational quality.

Through cooperation relations and projects between the university and the labor market, Bahçeşehir University provides its students with the opportunity to meet with owners of companies and institutions in order to help secure job opportunities. For its work in education and preparing students for the labor market.

Most educational programs at Bahçeşehir University are taught in English, with a few in Turkish.
The university has an English language school that efficiently prepares students for university studies.

Bahçeşehir University employs over 1,500 people, including lecturers, associate professors, professors, and administrative personnel.

The main campus of Bahçeşehir University, under the slogan (in the heart of Istanbul), is located in the lively Besiktas district in the center of the European city of Istanbul, on the banks of the Bosphorus Strait, with a sea view that provides students with comfort and an appropriate atmosphere for academic achievement within a picturesque natural environment. The university has several headquarters in Istanbul, including the Faculty of Medicine’s headquarters in the Göztepe district on Istanbul’s Asian side.

Bahçeşehir University, with 73 student communities, provides its students with numerous recreational, sporting, and scientific activities, allowing them to live an integrated university life experience.
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University headquarters:

Istanbul / European side

University address:

Yıldız Mh., Çırağan Caddesi, Osmanpaşa Mektebi Sokak 4-6, Beşiktaş/İstanbul

Official Website:

Available majors at Bahcesehir University

Bachelor's degree
التخصص Specialization Language of Instruction Cost
طب بشري Medicine EN 25,000$
طب الأسنان Dentistry EN 25,000$
تصميم المنتجات الصناعية Industrial Products Design EN 7,900$
هندسة معمارية Architecture EN 7,900$
العمارة الداخلية والتصميم البيئي Interior Architecture and Environmental Design EN 7,900$
تصميم العاب الرقمية Digital Game Design EN 7,900$
التصوير الفوتوغرافي والفيديو Photography & Video EN 5,530$
الإعلام الجديد New Media EN 7,900$
السينما والتلفزيون Film & Television EN 7,900$
إعلان Advertising EN 7,900$
علاقات عامة Public Relations EN 7,900$
تصميم الاتصالات Communication Design EN 7,900$
الكرتون والرسوم المتحركة Cartoon and Animation EN 7,900$
الثقافة الأمريكية وآدابها American Culture and Literature EN 7,900$
علاقات الاتحاد الأوروبي European Union Relations EN 7,900$
اقتصاد Economics EN 7,900$
الاقتصاد والتمويل Economics and Finance EN 7,900$
إدارة الأعمال Business Administration EN 7,900$
إدارة اللوجستية Logistic Management EN 7,900$
العلوم السياسية والعلاقات الدولية Political Science and International Relations EN 7,900$
تمويل دولي International Finance EN 7,900$
التجارة الدولية International Trade EN 7,900$
علم الإجتماع Sociology EN 7,900$
علم النفس Psychology EN 7,900$
الاستشارة النفسية والإرشاد Psychological Counseling and Guidance EN 5,530$
معلم رياض الاطفال Preschool Education EN 5,530$
معلم اللغة الإنجليزية English Language Teaching EN 5,530$
العلوم التربوية Educational Sciences EN 5,530$
معلم كمبيوتر و تقنيات وسائل التعليم Computer Education and Instructional Technologies EN 5,530$
هندسة كمبيوتر Computer Engineering EN 7,900$
الهندسة الطبية الحيوية Biomedical Engineering EN 7,900$
هندسة صناعية Industrial Engineering EN 7,900$
الهندسة الكهربائية والالكترونية Electrical and Electronics Engineering EN 7,900$
هندسة نظم الطاقة Energy Systems Engineering EN 7,900$
علم الأحياء الجزيئية وعلم الوراثة Molecular Biology and Genetics EN 7,900$
هندسة مدنية Civil Engineering EN 7,900$
الهندسة الإدارية Management Engineering EN 7,900$
هندسة الميكاترونكس Mechatronics Engineering EN 7,900$
هندسة الذكاء الاصطناعي Artifical Intelligemce Engineering EN 7,900$
هندسة البرمجيات Software Engineering EN 7,900$
الرياضيات Mathematics EN 7,900$
العلاج الطبيعي وإعادة التأهيل Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation EN orTR 5,530$
التغذية والحمية Nutrition and Dietetics EN orTR 5,530$
الخدمة الاجتماعية Social Work TR
السمعياات Oudiology TR 5,530$
العلاج الوظيفي Ergotherapy TR 5,530$
تنمية الطفل Child Development TR 5,530$
تمريض Nursing TR OR EN 5,530$
إدارة المعاهد الصحية Management of Health Institutes TR 5,530$
حقوق law TR
فن الطبخ Gastronomy TR
قيادة طائرة Pilotage EN 7,900$
Master's degree
Cost Language Specialization
9,000$ EN Computer Engineering
9,000$ EN Electric-Electronic Engineering
9,000$ EN Industrial Engineering
9,000$ EN or TR Information Technologies
9,000$ EN Architecture
9,000$ TR Architecture
9,000$ EN Engineering Management
9,000$ TR Engineering Management
9,000$ EN Energy Systems Operation and Technology
9,000$ EN Mechatronics Engineering
9,000$ EN Cyber Security
9,000$ EN or TR Big Data Analytics and Management
9,000$ EN Industry 4.0
9,000$ EN Technical Textile
9,000$ EN Risk Engineering and Management
9,000$ EN Biomedical Engineering
9,000$ TR Interior Design
9,000$ TR Sound Technologies
9,000$ TR Construction Management
9,000$ TR Industrial Design and Innovation Management
9,000$ EN English Language Education
9,000$ EN Educational Technology
9,000$ TR Educational Technology
9,000$ EN Guidance and Counseling
9,000$ TR Guidance and Counseling
6,000$ EN English Language Education (Distance Education)
9,000$ TR Educational Administration and Planning
9,000$ TR Educational Design and Evaluation
9,000$ TR Educational Design and Evaluation
9,000$ TR Educational Design and Evaluation
9,000$ TR Educational Design and Evaluation
9,000$ EN Educational Design and Evaluation
9,000$ TR Early Childhood Education
9,000$ EN Early Childhood Education
9,000$ TR Guidance and Psychological Counseling
9,000$ TR Teaching Technologies
9,000$ TR Chiropractic
9,000$ TR Family Counseling
9,000$ TR Health Informatics
9,000$ TR Health Management
9,000$ TR Nursing
9,000$ TR Nutrition and Dietetics
9,000$ EN Neuroscience
9,000$ TR Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
9,000$ TR Social Work
9,000$ TR Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
9,000$ TR Pharmaceutical Medicine
9,000$ EN or TR MBA
9,000$ EN Strategic Design and Management
9,000$ TR strategic marketing and Brand Management
9,000$ EN Executive MBA
9,000$ EN or TR MBA – Weekend
9,000$ EN or TR Marketing
9,000$ TR Marketing – Weekend
9,000$ TR Public Law
9,000$ TR Private Law
9,000$ TR Capital Markets and Commercial Law
9,000$ EN Capital Markets and Finance
9,000$ TR Sports Management
9,000$ TR Management Information Systems
9,000$ EN Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
9,000$ TR Supply Chain and Logistics Management
9,000$ TR Human resources
9,000$ TR Human resources – Weekend
9,000$ TR Accounting and International Reporting
9,000$ EN financial economics
9,000$ EN Financial Technology (Fintech)
9,000$ TR Global Politics and International Relations
9,000$ EN Global Affairs
9,000$ EN History
9,000$ TR Philosophy
9,000$ EN Cognitive Neuropsychology
6,000$ EN or TR e-MBA (Distance Learning MBA)
9,000$ TR e-Marketing (Distance Learning)
6,000$ TR e-Global Politics and International Relations (Distance Learning)
9,000$ TR e-Human resources (Distance Learning)
9,000$ TR Advanced Acting
9,000$ TR Communication Design
9,000$ EN Game Design
9,000$ TR Advertising and Brand Communication Management
9,000$ EN Cinema and Television
9,000$ TR Marketing Communication and Public Relations
9,000$ TR IT Law