What are the enrollment stages in Turkish universities?

Enrollment stages in Turkish universities Studying in Turkish universities has become the focus of attention for students from all over the world who have completed high school and wish to study in Turkey.

Particularly in light of Turkey’s current prosperity. Furthermore, the education system is completely identical to the European education system, with the existence of the Erasmus student exchange program with European Union countries.

This point also resulted in higher education quality in private (private) Turkish universities. This is due to the fact that the study is in English.

As a result, and in light of students’ desire to study in Turkey, we will share with you the steps and stages of enrollment in Turkish public and private universities in our article for today.

This is where you organize your thoughts as a student and your registration plan in terms of stages, requirements, duration, and cost.

Index of contents

  1. What is the enrollment stage in Turkish universities?
  2. What are the requirements for applying to Turkish universities?
  3. What documents are required for admission to public universities?
  4. What documents are required for admission to private universities?
  5. What are the deadlines for enrolling in Turkish universities?
  6. What exams are required for admission to Turkish universities?
  7. What are the enrollment stages in Turkish universities?

To begin, as a student who has completed high school and wishes to study at a Turkish university, you must specify your desire, that is, what field do you wish to study, in order to begin the journey of searching for universities that offer that field of study.

However, in order to begin the registration stages in Turkish universities, two documents are required as a starting point

They are the General Secondary School Certificate, also known as Tawjihi or the Sixth Intermediate Certificate in your country, which allows you to study abroad, and a passport. The remaining steps are as follows:

  • Choose the university where you want to study and look up information about it.
  • If you approve a private university, you contact the education portal, the official agent for private universities, to begin the registration process and provide you with the best discount grants. If you are applying to a government university, you should review the university’s website and wait for the deadline for foreign student applications.
  • Then comes the stage of preparing the documents needed for the subsequent stages of registration.
  • After completing the sending of your files, the initial acceptance usually comes within a week, followed by the stage of paying the first amount to the university.
  • Then you send a copy of the payment notice and double-check your data on the transfer receipt in preparation for the final acceptance.
  • After receiving final university admission in Turkey, the stage of obtaining a student visa begins when you are admitted to the embassy.
  • In order to determine the date for submitting the Turkish study visa application, you must contact the Turkish consulate or embassy in your country or the nearest country.

Registration stages in Turkish universities

What are the requirements for admission to Turkish universities?

  • The conditions vary depending on the type of university where you will be studying as a student. Will you attend a public or private university to study? Therefore:
  • Enrollment requirements for public universities: Most public universities require students to study in Turkish, and some require proof of proficiency in the language.
  • Most universities also require YS or SAT certificates in addition to a high school diploma.
  • It should be noted that these certificates do not guarantee students admission to universities.
  • Rather, it allows them to participate in the university comparison process.
  • Because many students prepare for this exam for two years or more in order to achieve high scores, the chances of admission to public universities are considered slim.
  • Each public university has its own preference for registering foreign students.
  • As a result, a student who wishes to study at a public university must apply to all universities that are available to him.
  • It is possible that he will be admitted to one or more universities, or that he will not be admitted at all.
  • Furthermore, admission to public universities in major cities such as Istanbul is extremely difficult.

As a result, we discover a student preference for studying at Turkish private universities.

Studying conditions at private universities in Turkey

Several key differences distinguish private Turkish universities from public ones:

  • The first is that no additional certificates are required beyond the secondary education certificate.
  • Furthermore, the majority of private universities teach in English.
  • Furthermore, an average of 60% or higher is considered a qualifier for admission to most majors in private universities, which means that you can study medical or engineering colleges with a maximum score of 70%.
  • Private university admission is also guaranteed as long as seats are available.
  • Furthermore, the presence of private universities in Istanbul – Turkey’s largest city – is regarded as one of its most significant advantages, as it allows you, as a student, to obtain the opportunity to work alongside your studies, because your English studies qualify you to obtain a training or work opportunity in major companies and institutions located in Istanbul.

What documents are required for the various stages of registration at public universities?

  • The papers required for the stages of enrollment in public universities differ in terms of the certificate that will be submitted, with the papers required for the bachelor’s stage being:
  • A copy of your passport, personal photos, and a high school diploma transcript.
  • In addition, most public universities require a high school diploma and a YOS or SAT certificate.
  • It is worth noting that most majors require four years of study, with the exception of medical majors for the Bachelor’s degree. While institutes, diplomas, and master’s degrees are only two years long.

It is necessary to have a master’s degree:

A copy of your passport, personal photos, secondary school diploma, transcript, final university diploma, and transcript.

You will also need two letters of recommendation from university professors, as well as a motivation letter.

What documents are required for admission to private universities?

Proof of Turkish language certificate is not required at private universities. In addition, if you have not completed high school, we can provide you with admission through the education portal before you complete high school and before your final certificate is issued.

Turkey has a prestigious number of private universities.

This is in terms of educational quality, available majors, and languages that can be studied at the university, the majority of which are in Istanbul.

What are the registration deadlines for Turkish universities in 2022/2023?

Dates of registration at public universities

It usually occurs within these months every year, as registration in Turkish public universities for this year began in April 2022 AD and ends at dates that vary according to each university, and registration takes place on specific days, and admission is not guaranteed.


In terms of private university registration dates,

The majority of them are private institutions. Registration for the academic year 2022/2023 begins in March.

And registration is open until the end of October for the academic year 2022/2023 AD, and admission is guaranteed as long as your GPA qualifies you and seats are available.

What exams are required for admission to Turkish universities?

As previously stated, some public universities require you to present a YOS or SAT certificate in order to enroll, whereas private universities only require you to present a high school diploma.

Following acceptance into the university, whether public or private, there is a test for the Turkish or English language, as well as the language of study for the specialization in which the student was accepted.

When it is reached, the student can begin studying the specialization immediately. And if the student does not speak the language fluently.

Where universities provide a language school to adequately prepare students in the required language to begin their university major.

Finally, we would like to point out that we have compiled all of the ideas related to the steps and stages of enrollment in Turkish public and private universities in this article.

This is to give students a clear and complete picture of what they need to register for. You can also contact us at the “Education Portal” if you have any questions about the subject or selecting universities.

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