The undergraduate stage is the final step in a student’s educational journey and the first step in beginning a career.

As a result, new students and those applying to universities must select a major that combines their academic ability and competence, as well as their passion in the field, on the one hand, and the possibility of finding work in the labor market on the other.

As a result, we present to you today from “Education Portal” this article that includes a group of the five best university majors that you can study in universities in Turkey, so that you can achieve your goals through your studies, so keep reading with us.

An overview of the top five undergraduate majors

Human medicine, dentistry, software engineering, mechatronics engineering, and health sciences are the most sought-after majors today.

The most suitable college major

As stated in the preceding introduction, this subject cannot be specified in a single sentence or through a variety of options.

This is due to the fact that the importance of university specialization and the community’s need for this specialization differ depending on the time, country, and location in which you are a student.

University majors

For instance, consider human medicine as one of the university majors.

Also, after the Corona crisis and several diseases, this specialty reclaimed the throne of university majors.

Furthermore, human medicine is vital to everyone and has yet to be fully automated.

As a result, it is regarded as the safest major for graduates of this branch.

The proportion of them who get jobs is very high.

As a graduate of human medicine, you can work in both developed and developing countries. This is due to the fact that job opportunities are always available to them. It is also a renewable resource.

Furthermore, technological advancement has aided human medicine by providing it with the minutest details of diagnosis.

Aside from being at the top of the list and having auxiliary lists (specialties for human medicine).

But what are the auxiliary lists for the human medicine specialty?

As the health sciences that investigate and research human health and non-satisfactory; that is, it is curative.

Nutrition and physiotherapy, for example, because these important disciplines are in high demand in the labor market.

Second, there is dentistry.

It is also an important and required university major, as well as a sensitive major.

As we live in the age of automation, we are attempting to determine whether or not any work can be automated.

Rather, it is exclusively limited to implementation by a person specialized in this field, of which dentistry is one.

Dentistry is also a very precise specialty, whether in terms of diagnosis or execution.

As a result, it is regarded as one of the specializations that will continue to be in demand and will be carried out by humans rather than robots.

As a result, it is regarded as an important branch, and its survival is critical, not to mention the dentist’s social value.

Civil and architectural engineering are two other university majors.

Other disciplines emerged after the industrial revolution and the arrival of the oil revolution, its discovery, and the pumping of money into our Arab countries.

Because this revolution started with what we can call the urban revolution, the Gulf States and many other countries became interested in architecture and civil engineering.

Engineers are in high demand in these university majors as well.

Some Arab countries, however, have reached a point of sufficiency.

And this in the context of the country’s numerous large projects at times.

Particularly in countries that have emerged from wars, such as Iraq.

As countries emerge from war, job opportunities for civil and architectural engineering graduates are not the same as they were previously.

Furthermore, we may discover that these two majors’ stars have dimmed, but they still exist as university majors, albeit with a difference in the scope of the tasks assigned to them at work.

Architecture, for example, has progressed beyond the routine situation or work of the ancient past, as their subject matter is now more artistic. Rather, it demanded exceptional skill and taste.

Especially since the spread of the Internet and design programs that provided the engineer with a 100% accurate perception of what would be implemented.

As a result, engineers must thoroughly familiarize themselves with the technology prior to implementation.

Furthermore, in this day and age of the Internet, anyone who wants to implement a project, even if he is in a remote country, can see the latest designs and the latest things from around the world. If he has the capabilities, he can put it into action.

As a result, the role of civil engineers and architects has grown in importance and requires greater adaptability.

Computer and software engineering

Nowadays, with the Internet’s revolution and access to everything, computer engineering, software engineering, and the specialty of software development have become majors with excellent job prospects. And this is true in terms of employment.

Furthermore, even if we are in the poorest countries, we can see that the Internet, which is primarily linked with the World Wide Web, is working to spread this issue among people.

Furthermore, the Corona pandemic has forced people to stay indoors. That is why many businesses and professions have turned to the Internet (cyberspace) (cyberspace).

As a result of this issue, people who specialize in computer science are more aware of its significance and future.

It also appears that these disciplines will not die, implying that they have a promising future. It is also regarded as one of the most important majors, with high salaries all over the world.

University majors required mechatronics, medical engineering

There are other new majors that have proven their worth, such as mechatronics, a specialization that combines mechanics, electrical engineering, and software engineering.

It generates a specialization known as transforming machines into self-contained robots, and this specialization has proven to be valuable, particularly since the introduction of self-driving cars.

In terms of medical engineering,

This profession combines machinery and medicine. That is, to transform machines that perform tasks in the human body (organs in the human body).

Medical engineering is the study of how supportive tools, such as artificial limbs, can be inserted into the human body and how to develop them.

In addition to the diagnostic tools used by doctors, such as x-ray machines and blood analysis machines, medical engineering graduates are responsible for developing and maintaining them. As a result, it is also regarded as an important specialty.

It is also worth noting that there are many specializations that cannot be avoided everywhere and at any time.

Because they have tasks and work, and their salaries will be good, we cannot cancel them or cancel them in general, such as management sciences, economic sciences, and arts.

We at “Education Portal” assist students in selecting the appropriate specialization. Also, our team in the Education Portal, and based on our long experience in this field and in Turkey, which exceeds seven years, we offer our experience in guiding students to choose the appropriate university major for them by registering and dealing with private universities and enrolling in them.

We mention at the end of this article that we have clarified all issues concerning the five best university majors in Turkey, whether they are in public or private universities.

You can also write to us at “Education Portal” if you have any questions about selecting the best university major for study.

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