First, Turkey’s star has shown in recent years as a result of its tremendous economic and urban boom, as this civilization leap was built on proven scientific foundations through a number of Turkish educational institutions.

Turkey did not stop supporting education as these institutions prepared the society for this leap and the continuation of progress and development.

Which is regarded as the primary pillar for the continued march of civilization and progress.

The Turkish government’s efforts to improve the benefits of undergraduate education in Turkey’s universities

The Turkish government has set aside a significant portion of its budget for education at all levels. This support was abundant in university education.

As a large number of scientific cadres were dispatched to the world’s most powerful universities.

And this, in order to obtain the most up-to-date educational techniques and stay current on scientific developments. The presence of these cadres in conjunction with the assistance provided by higher education institutions.

It also resulted in the flourishing of education in Turkey, as well as the continuous keeping up with events and scientific developments.

Undergraduate education in Turkey

One of them is the Bologna project, which aims to improve the quality and benefits of undergraduate education in Turkish universities.

It also long ago called for Turkey to enter into agreements with the world’s most powerful educational institutions, the most prominent of which was the Bologna project.

The Bologna Project is an intergovernmental collaboration between forty-eight European countries in the field of higher education that has unified the education systems of the member countries.

This standardization also improves the credibility of certificates issued by any university in the member countries.

Furthermore, this certificate holder’s movement and work in any of the member states is smooth and flexible.

Furthermore, the Erasmus programme

In addition to the Erasmus student exchange programs that exist between European Union countries.

As a result, any undergraduate student with a good GPA has the opportunity to study in one of the participating European universities for a semester or a full year.

Languages that have improved the benefits of undergraduate study at Turkish universities

Following Turkey’s remarkable openness to the rest of the world, private higher education institutions have adopted English-language instruction in a variety of disciplines.

It’s also worth noting that Turkish private universities have mostly accredited the English language, thanks to the presence of foreign professors from all over the world.

This is what enables the student to gain international experience from a variety of sources.

We have also discussed global and academic accreditation in the English language, which has prompted a large number of foreign students to visit Turkey, particularly students from Arab countries, East Asia, and Africa.

The reason for this is that Turkey is a European, Islamic, Eastern European country with a system of education and lower living costs than any other country.

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Factors that influence students’ decision to study in Turkey

In addition to the previously mentioned factors that compel students to visit Turkey, there is one very important factor that combines the civilizations of the East and West, as well as its great Ottoman past and the presence of Islamic manifestations.

In addition to the Western influence on the development of science, facilities, and services in the country.

Because, as previously stated, Turkey is a European country with an Islamic oriental spirit.

Furthermore, the training opportunities for students studying in Turkish universities are excellent, as Turkey is the largest host to the world’s largest corporations.

Microsoft and Mercedes are two of these companies, and they each have their own industries, such as defense and aircraft.

They also have the most hospitals and extensive experience, particularly during the Corona crisis.

Where the problem was directly addressed by constructing hospitals in a short period of time.

As a result, students have excellent training opportunities in international companies, which can qualify them for job opportunities after graduation.

One of the additional factors attracting students to study in Turkey

There are numerous options and universities to choose from. The number of universities in Turkey has risen to more than 200 in recent years.

This provides foreign students with numerous study options, both public and private.

In addition to English and Turkish education, this issue created competition, particularly in the private university sector, due to its abundance, as competition between them increased from two points:

  • The first is educational quality.
  • The second is annual education costs, where there is more competition among them to provide discounts.
  • In terms of special features, the student can get a job after graduation, even while still studying.
  • This qualifies him for future investment opportunities. It is possible to persuade him to settle in Turkey.
  • As a result, the “Education Portal” is with you, and we are dedicated as a team to getting you to the right place and selecting the right university based on your data and preferences.
  • To summarize, we have compiled and explained all of the benefits of undergraduate study in Turkey’s public and private universities in this article.
  • This is to assist students in developing a clear and comprehensive understanding of what they require when selecting a university.

We also remind you that you can contact us through the “Education Portal” if you have any questions about selecting and enrolling in universities.

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