With the rapid development of technology and various types of sciences, computer engineering is regarded as one of the pivotal disciplines of this development.

This is due to the fact that all modern applications, processes, commands, and devices rely on computer architecture in some way.

But what exactly is computer engineering major? What subjects are covered in this major? Also, how many years of study? And what are its highlights? Is it true that there are prerequisites for studying computer engineering? All of this and more about this specialty will be covered in this article.

A glimpse of the computer engineering major

In Turkey, computer engineering education lasts four years and is divided into eight semesters. The basic theory of computer engineering is to make life easier and to create new aspects of it. This is accomplished through the development of software, hardware, and communication networks.

Mathematics is the primary subject that serves as the foundation for computer engineering.

Admission requirements for the Computer Engineering major

The requirements for studying computer engineering vary by university, but in general, the following items are required at Turkey’s private universities:

  • Qualifications.
  • The student’s high school grade point average must be at least 60%.
  • Possession of a certificate demonstrating proficiency in the language in which the specialization will be taught. We can also provide you with the best language schools in order for you to enroll in universities through the Education Portal.
  • Character traits.
  • Continuous learning, as well as keeping up with technology and updates.
  • Creativity and innovation are essential.
  • Also, the ability to be patient and endure.
  • Capability to work as part of a team.
  • Also, the ability to work long hours.
  • Desire for continuous learning.

 Computer Engineering

What are the Computer Engineering departments?

The general title of computer engineering major is not taught. Rather, there are specializations or fields that you study in this university branch in order to specialize in the labor market after graduation and among these specializations are:

  1. Hardware systems.
  2. Cyber Physical systems.
  3. ‏ Foundations and theory.
  4. ‏Trust, reliability, and security.
  5. Networking, mobile, and distributed computing.
  6. Big Data analytics and systems.
  7. Artificial intelligence, robotics, and cybernetics.

The number of years of studying Computer Engineering

As previously stated, the duration of study in this major is four academic years divided into eight semesters.

In Turkish private universities, this major is taught in either English or Turkish.

Subjects taught in Computer Engineering

The subjects in this specialization are divided into two categories: compulsory subjects and elective subjects, and we will learn about each of them and how they differ.

First, the compulsory – main subjects

The compulsory or main subjects, which are the subjects that form the foundation of this specialization and are taught until the student understands how it was established.

In the first academic year, the following subjects are required:

  • Physics-I
  • Mathematics I
  • Introduction to Computer Engineering
  • Introduction to Algorithms and Programming
  • English I
  • Physics-II
  • Mathematics II
  • Object Oriented Programming-I
  • Discrete Structures
  • Career and Life Planning
  • English I

As for the compulsory subjects, which are taught in the second academic year, they are:

  1. Probability and Statistics – 1..
  2. Mathematics..
  3. Algorithms and data structures.
  4. Digital electronics circuits.
  5. Object-Oriented Programming – 2.
  6. Numerical Analysis / Numerical Method.

As for the compulsory subjects, which are taught in the third academic year of the Computer Engineering major, they are:

  1. Computer architecture.
  2. The theory of automata.
  3. Algorithmic analysis.
  4. An optional course.
  5. An optional course.
  6. Microprocessors.
  7. Software engineering.
  8. An optional course.
  9. An optional course.

Also, the compulsory subjects, which are taught in the fourth academic year, are:

  1. Compulsory training.
  2. Business Administration.
  3. Software quality standards.
  4. Computer engineering design.
  5. Compulsory training.
  6. Collective economy.
  7. Graduation project.
  8. An optional subject.
  9. Optional subject.

As for the elective courses in computer engineering, they are:

  1. Database management systems.
  2. Organizing and managing files.
  3. Operating system applications.
  4. Graphical Interface Design.
  5. Computer Networks -2.
  6. Object-Oriented Design (OOD).
  7. Internet programming.
  8. Image processing.
  9. Artificial intelligence.
  10. Computer graphics.
  11. Data mining.
  12. Developing game programs.
  13. Quantum Computer Engineering.
  14. Application development frameworks.
  15. Business Operations Management
  16. Advanced mathematical methods.
  17. Pattern recognition
  18. Computer security.
  19. Analysis and design of computer systems.
  20. Engineering and Informatics Ethics d
  21. Embedded systems.
  22. Project management.
  23. Parallel programming.
  24. Design.
  25. Improve the translation of programming languages.
  26. Advanced Topics in Computer Engineering
  27. Medical Informatics

Fields of work in computer engineering after graduation

  1. Software developer.
  2. Game designer.
  3. Software designer.
  4. Application designer.
  5. Order designer.
  6. Technical support.
  7. Technology projects manager.
  8. Programmer.
  9. Designer of programming languages for websites.

Salary of a Software Engineer

  • In the United States, computer engineering is one of the highest paying engineering majors. According to the US Department of Labor’s Labor Statistics Bureau (BLS).
  • Computer hardware engineers earned a median annual salary of $114,600 in 2018.
  • Moreover, data from the BLS highlights the increasing demand for software developers in the United States.
  • This is expected to grow at a rate of 24% between 2019 and 2030.
  • It is worth noting that salaries in this field vary depending on the country, the extent of the engineer’s experience, and the specialization in which he works.

The most important private Turkish universities that offer English-language software engineering majors

There are numerous important and prestigious universities, and we can help you gain admission through the experience of our “Education Portal” team. These are the universities:

  1. Bahcesehir University.
  2. Ostim Technical University.
  3. Altinbas University.
  4. Isik University.
  5. Uskudar University.
  6. Halic University.
  7. Istanbul Okan University.
  8. Istinye University.
  9. Istanbul Medipol University.

Finally, we mention that “Education Portal” assists students in selecting the appropriate major. Furthermore, our team at “Education Portal” and our long experience in this field and in Turkey, which exceeds seven years, by registering and dealing with private universities and enrolling in them, we offer our experience in securing students step by step to choose the appropriate university major for them and the correct registration.

To summarize, we have clarified all aspects of the computer engineering major in Turkey, including whether it is taught in private universities, the subjects studied in this major, and the universities where it is taught.

You can also write to us at “Education Portal” if you have any questions about selecting the best university major for study.

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