Logistical transport services are one of the services that ensure the safe and quick exchange of goods and various elements, and it includes many services that facilitate the process of transporting goods, such as storage, multimedia, and shipping, as well as customs matters.

Furthermore, the study of logistical transport services in Turkey is one of the fundamental specializations that no factory or company can do without.

It specializes in all aspects of transportation, whether it is (maritime, ground, or air), because it guarantees the safe arrival of goods and is concerned with all details, from packaging to supply.

It is worth noting that the names of this specialization vary between Turkish universities, with some entering the title of logistics, including logistics and international trade, including logistics and supply chain management, including logistical transport services.

Characteristics of researching logistical transport services in Turkey

The following are the most significant benefits of studying this specialization in Turkey:

  • Universities in Turkey are interested in offering a variety of academic subjects for students interested in studying logistics management.
  • The subjects taught to students include everything that is important to the student in order to form an excellent theoretical foundation.
  • Turkish universities provide students with opportunities for practical training in major corporations and factories.
  • The presence of the best academic teachers at international universities.
  • Studying in English allows the student to work in the European market after graduating.

Logistics transportation services

What are the skills that a student should have when studying this specialization?

The study of logistical transport services is one of the specializations that students with various skills must pursue:

  • Time management.
  • As well as a sense of responsibility.
  • The rapid recording of notes and the use of computer software.
  • The ability to persuade and negotiate, as well as create and draw strategic plans
  • Along with display and presentation abilities.

What are the requirements for studying logistical transport services in Turkey?

One of the benefits of studying this specialization in Turkey is that private universities do not require a rate, as a student with a 50% in secondary school is sufficient.

What are the logistical transport services departments?

  •  Administrative organization.
  • Third party logistics.
  • Warehouse management and control systems are two types of systems.
  • Logistics in business.
  • As well as logistics production.
  • Logistics in an emergency.

What are the departments of logistical transport services?

Students of this specialization are established for four years in addition to the year of language if not with the student as a certificate proving his proficiency in the language in which he wants to study, as it adopts practical training as an essential axis in addition to academic study in teaching its applied specializations.

Some subject’s names may differ between universities, and the subjects are as follows:

First Year Subjects:

  • The basic principles of partial economy.
  • Introduction to social sciences.
  • The basic principles of the law.
  • Mathematics for business.
  • English for administrative purposes.
  • The basic principles of macroeconomics.
  • Introduction to Business Administration.

In the second year, the student studies the following:

  • Production and Operations Management.
  • Management and organization.
  • Many methods of business.
  • Social science statistics.
  • Financial accounting.
  • Commercial communication techniques and negotiation.
  • The logistical direction of the supply chain.

While in the third year, the following subjects are studied:

  • Information systems in business.
  • Search methods for business and economics.
  • Financial management.
  • Risk management in the supply chain.
  • Multiple transport management.
  • Operations research.

Finally in the fourth year:

  • project management.
  • Manage storage and distribution centers.
  • Reverse logistical services.
  • Computer skills.
  • Cooperation in the management of international logistical services.

In what areas does a logistical transportation graduate work?

graduated students can work in logistical transportation services in Turkey:

  • As charge agents.
  • In maritime, air, and rail transportation companies.
  • And in the logistical departments of manufacturing, insurance, and sales firms.
  • Management of logistics at the Ministry of Transport and other relevant government agencies.
  • In logistical services firms.

The costs of studying logistical transport services in Turkey

The wages of a study of logistics and transportation in Turkey are among the medium wages compared to other countries, between three thousand dollars and nine thousand dollars in private universities, and there are great discounts for those who are recorded through our “education portal” website.

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