Enrollment in Turkish universities is a critical stage that, when completed correctly, relieves the student of many pressures and forces him to focus solely on his studies without regard for anything else. Especially for the international student who is forced to move from one country to another.

As a result, since the beginning of this step, the foreign student must prepare a number of files, the details of which differ between public and private universities.

So, what are the enrollment stages in Turkish universities?

The first step is to prepare the passport.

To begin, the student must have a valid passport.

This is the official document approved for registration in universities for foreign students in order to apply. In addition, the passport must be valid for at least a year. And this applies whether you apply to a public or private university.

After obtaining a passport, the next step is to prepare personal photographs. The student must prepare a personal photo of himself, scan it, and save it as a pdf file along with the passport.

Enrollment in Turkish universities

The second stage is to show proof of a secondary school diploma.

In order for a student to apply to a public university in Turkey, he or she must have a final secondary certificate.

While private universities in Turkey do not require this, initial admission to private universities does.

You only need to demonstrate that you are a student in your final year of high school, Tawjihi or sixth grade.

Because the name varies depending on where you are in the world.

This stage is known as the Tawjihi in Turkey and Jordan, and the baccalaureate in Syria and Morocco, but it is known as the sixth preparatory in Iraq.

In Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, it is referred to as high school.

It is worth noting that a final high school diploma is not required for initial university admission, final admission, or a student visa at private universities. However, you can apply for it once you have proof.

One of the stages of enrollment in Turkish universities is the modification of the secondary certificate.

When a student visits Turkey, he must also present his high school diplomas for the previous three years.

And that, for the years he studied in his country, they are all certified by his country’s Ministry of Education. He then compares it to the Turkish Director of Education.

In fact, this step is considered a requirement for enrollment in public universities, and the student will be unable to enroll unless it is completed.

When registering in private universities, they give the student a month to attend after confirming his registration.

The third stage: How to submit your papers to the university

First, in public universities, if the student has a high school diploma and is registered in public universities, he is waiting for the university’s results for all foreign students to be issued.

If it is accepted, he will proceed to the next step, which is to travel to Turkey and apply to universities.

If the student’s nationality requires a visa to enter Turkey, he will be denied entry due to the fact that he is not a university student.

As a result, he will need to obtain an agency from someone in Turkey in order for the student to prove registration in Turkish universities while he is away.

The student then obtains a paper from the university and begins the application process for a student visa.

It should be noted that he may be able to register, but the process is prohibitively expensive for the following reasons:

1. The difficulty in locating a person to whom you delegate authority on your behalf and who goes to the university on your behalf, which is frequently in cities outside of Istanbul and Ankara (here we mean public universities).

Also, don’t forget to send your files to this person if you trust them. As a result, the problem is expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous.

After enrolling in Turkish private universities and receiving initial admission.

You contribute to the annual tuition fees paid to the university. And this will be done directly through a bank transfer, following which the university will issue the final acceptance.

Because this acceptance is a piece of paper, you can apply for a visa at the Turkish embassy in your country or the country closest to you.

When it is issued, you can come to Turkey with all of your files and registration proofs to enter the university and prove your final registration.

The fourth stage is to apply for residency in Turkey after attending Turkish universities.

After receiving final acceptance and registration at the university, as well as receiving your own university number as a student, regardless of whether you are enrolled in a public or private university (private).

You are in the country as a foreign student and can apply for the student residence step.

As a result, we are pleased to inform you that we, as the “Education Portal” team, complete the student’s affairs in private universities until he is met at the airport.

He then arrives at the university and completes his registration by obtaining his own university identification number. One step later, to be with the student in order to obtain residency.

As a new student who has recently arrived in Turkey (the foreigner), he must obtain student residence according to the current conditions for the year 2022 AD after registering at the university and completing the registration procedures.

When is the deadline for moving in?

After the student arrives at the university and accepts admission, he goes to the Immigration Directorate to set up an appointment to obtain residency.

Following this, the student will begin to prepare health insurance and pay the residence card allowance. The student must also obtain a tax identification number.

The next step is to prepare all of the above by putting all of the above papers and documents in one file, so he can submit them and wait for his appointment.

As the “Education Portal” team, we save the student effort and time by preparing this file with the best materials.

After enrolling in Turkish universities, the stages of obtaining student residency in Turkey

When the student is scheduled to meet with the Immigration Directorate, according to the current year’s conditions:

He will attend the interview and hand over his file in person. If the file is overflowing with papers, it will be returned with his fingerprint on it.

After some time, he will receive the residence permit at his address, which he will record in his file when applying for residence. As a result, the student’s affairs become fully legal and official within Turkey.

Because the previous information is for applying to public universities.

In terms of private universities, our “Education Portalway” team assists students at all stages of registration in determining the most appropriate major, as well as the university in terms of student fees, location, and international accreditation.

We also obtain free admission and provide him with discount grants on annual tuition costs at private universities.

In addition, we assist the student in finding suitable housing close to the university where he is studying and in preparing his residence file.

Finally, we want to emphasize that we have compiled and clarified all stages of enrollment in Turkish public and private universities in this article.

This is to assist students in developing a clear and comprehensive understanding of what they require when selecting a university.

We also remind you that you can contact us through the “Education Portal” if you have any questions about selecting and enrolling in universities.

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