Turkish nationality, Turkey’s star has shown in recent years as a result of the country’s tremendous economic and urban growth.

Where this civilization leap was built on proven scientific foundations through a number of Turkish educational institutions.

Turkey has not stopped supporting education since these institutions prepared the society for this leap and for the continuation of progress and development.

Which is regarded as the primary pillar for the continued march of civilization and progress.

Turkey also encouraged outstanding foreign students and those with a unique fingerprint to become citizens. If you’re wondering how to get Turkish citizenship.

This article will help you understand the conditions and their details as simply as possible, and if you are a student in particular, you will benefit from it.

And what is required of you in order to obtain it.

The requirements for obtaining Turkish citizenship

Turkey allows foreigners to obtain citizenship under certain conditions that the student must meet in order to apply for Turkish citizenship in the following situations:

1. Permanent residence in Turkey.

2. has proof of Turkish ancestry.

3. Marriage to a Turkish man or woman.

4. The Special nationality.

5. By purchasing a home.

6. By making a deposit at a bank.

There are some requirements for obtaining Turkish citizenship through residency.

1. Whereas Turkish law stipulates that the period of residence on Turkish soil must be 5 years continuous and no longer than 6 months.

The period for a university student is calculated based on his academic years, for example, a student studying medicine in Turkey for 6 years.

Half of this period, i.e. three years, is calculated for him, and he must stay for an additional two years in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.

2. Turkish origin with proof of Turkish citizenship

Using the documents and papers he possesses, he applies for Turkish citizenship.

It must be translated into Turkish and certified by a notary public as well as other government departments in charge of the subject.

He can also apply through Turkish embassies around the world.

3. Marriage with a Turkish man or woman

Marriage is a common way for Turkish citizens to obtain citizenship.

The condition is the continuation of the marriage for the next three years.

After the specified period has expired, a foreigner married to a Turk has the right to apply for citizenship.

4. Exceptional citizenship

According to Turkish law, the executive branch and the Council of Ministers have the authority to grant Turkish citizenship to someone who does not pose a threat to the country or public security and done one of the following cases:

• expected from him to provide significant benefits to the country in areas such as agriculture, industry, or other areas of national interest.

• The person who is considered an immigrant and has received notification from private authorities allowing him to apply for naturalization.

5. By buying a house

According to the law, people who have purchased a property or group of properties worth at least $400,000 can obtain Turkish citizenship.

The buyer is also required not to sell the property for three years from the date of purchase and to purchase the property from a person of Turkish nationality or a Turkish company.

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6. By making a deposit at a bank

A foreigner can obtain Turkish citizenship by opening a bank account in a Turkish bank. And this is in the applicant’s name.

Then, within the bank account, create a bank wallet account. And that is to deposit at least 500,000 US dollars or its equivalent in other currencies.


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