Specialization in Turkish universities and studying in Turkish universities have become the focus of attention for students from all over the world who have completed high school and want to study in Turkey.

This is especially true given Turkey’s recent prosperity. Aside from the quality of higher education.

The educational system is also completely identical to that of Europe. This is in addition to the Erasmus student exchange program with European Union countries.

This point also led to an improvement in the quality of education at Turkish private universities, where students study in English.

Based on the desire of students and their quest to study in Turkey, we will share with you how to search for specialization in Turkish public and private universities in our article for today.

And that, to organize your thoughts as a student and your plan to enroll in the appropriate major for your desire, abilities, and rate.

An overview of the number of universities and majors available in Turkey.

The number of Turkish universities, both public and private, has surpassed 200, and these universities offer a wide range of majors, beginning with:

Medical sciences, economics, management, health sciences, engineering, space and aviation sciences, corn sciences, and a variety of other disciplines are all represented.

As a result of the great variety in numbers and areas of specialization, it is difficult for the student. And that, in determining the appropriate specialization.

Furthermore, the university where this specialization is offered, as well as you as a foreign student in particular. Why?

Also, while the specialization may exist within the university you have chosen, it may not be available to international students, which is where the agents come in (university agent).

The role of university agents in securing specialization in Turkish universities

As previously stated, the task of university vice-representatives is to familiarize the foreign student with the majors available to him to study at the university.

However, public universities do not work with agents, making the task more difficult for students.

What specializations are available at Turkish State University?

Every student who wishes to enroll in Turkish public universities must first visit the university’s official website. He then waits for the time specified for the date of opening and closing the application door.

As it is for international students and students, this means increased pressure and competition.

The student can then see what majors are available to foreign students after this period.

It is worth noting that we include a disclaimer about a critical point in university selection.

During the registration comparison, some of them specify the number of seats available to specific nationalities.

To clarify, sometimes it is mentioned that there are two seats in the Faculty of Civil Engineering for student nationality “S”, and one complex is available for student nationality “A”.

It may also be mentioned that no seat is available for the student nationality “A,” and so on, depending on the preferences of each university.

University specialization in Turkey

But why are the nationalities of the foreign students applying being determined?

The reason for this is that public universities seek a diverse range of nationalities among their students.

Furthermore, enrollment in these universities is distinct.

Because each university has its own comparison, which is referred to as “weighting” in Turkish.

As a result, applying to public universities is difficult and time-consuming, with no guarantee of success. The study will also be available in Turkish.

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In terms of selecting a specialization at private universities. The problem is similar to enrollment in public universities, but the “Education Portal” team makes it easier for you as a student and its stages.

Our team also represents the most powerful private universities and numerous universities.

Based on the preceding reasons and the difficulty of the matter for students, we employ the services of our team to assist the student in selecting a major, but selecting a major is not enough.

We also provide students with a comprehensive presentation of the specialization, which includes the university, majors, and university options for your nationality.

Because, as mentioned in the preceding paragraph, some universities limit the number of seats available to specific nationalities while also barring other nationalities from applying.

It is also the university where the specialization is located, as knowing that the required specialization is available at ten universities is insufficient.

Rather, the student should be aware of which university is the best for this specialization among those available to him.

For instance, consider a university known for its strength in medical majors. As a student, you should not choose this university to study engineering branches. Rather, you should look for a reputable engineering university.

As a result of these considerations, our team at “Education Portal” and our extensive experience in this field and in Turkey.

It has also been more than seven years old by registering, dealing with, and enrolling in private universities. We offer our expertise in assisting students in selecting the best university for them.

Similarly, in terms of specialization, location of the university, level of education, and nationality of the student.

So, how do I go about looking for specialization in Turkish universities?

You must specify whether the university is private or public.

Furthermore, the government will require you to apply for it yourself and during a specific time period, which will necessitate some searching and effort on your part. It also does not guarantee the outcome.

As a result, if you want to apply to private universities, contact the “Education Portal” team to secure and clarify everything related to majors and universities and ensure that you get the opportunity.

As most private universities cover a wide range of majors, the “Education Portal” exists to provide students with discount grant codes.

It also exceeds 70% of the various options, so we will be with you until the end, dear students.

Finally, we mention in this article that we have compiled all of the issues concerning the search for specialization in Turkish public and private universities.

This is to assist students in developing a clear and comprehensive understanding of what they require in order to select a major and a university.

You can also contact us through the “Education Portal” if you have any questions about selecting and enrolling in universities.

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