The Erasmus program is an abbreviation for the European Action Scheme for University Student Mobility. It is defined as a cooperative system of 4,000 universities in 37 different countries that aims to improve the level of higher education through student exchange between the majority of the world’s universities using a specific system.

What exactly is Erasmus Student Exchange?

Erasmus is a destination for any student looking for an opportunity to study at another foreign university, gain more knowledge, and enrich his cultural background while still in school, as well as a milestone in your file as a student looking for a prestigious job in a company after graduation.

Turkey is regarded as having a high educational status, so the Turkish educational system facilitated student exchange systems, the exchange of experiences, and progress in the fields of scientific research.

Students of all Arab and foreign nationalities studying at private universities in Turkey can apply for the Erasmus program, subject to the university’s terms and conditions.

Erasmus is one of the most important foreign student exchange initiatives in which the world’s largest and most famous universities participate, and it is extremely beneficial to students because Erasmus is one of the most valuable cultural and character-building programs that a student can have throughout his or her life.

According to the Ministry of European Union in Turkey, Turkey receives the highest percentage of project applications among the more than 10,000 applicants each year.

Erasmus is a diverse field that brings together different languages, cultures, and ideas. It allows you to discover new places and cities while meeting people from countries you never thought you’d visit in your life. You will also learn about various languages, cultures, and customs that interest you.

The duration of study specified in the Erasmus program varies depending on your educational level and the country from which you came and to which you will travel, but most of them have short periods and a globally recognized certificate. In general, the minimum study period is three months or one semester, and the maximum study period is twelve months.

Through Erasmus, you can apply for one or two semesters, as well as a training semester in a foreign company.

Every Turkish university has an office that handles the affairs of students who want to apply for Erasmus, and the required dates and papers are announced through this office.

Erasmus scholarship: The university will provide you with an Erasmus + scholarship to help with travel and accommodation costs. The financial assistance varies depending on the cost of living difference between your home country and the destination country, the number of applicants, and the travel distance.

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