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Explore the steps to achieve the dream of studying in Turkey


Educational consultation

Educational consultation is the first and most important step to achieve the dream of studying in Turkey, as it allows applicants to obtain the necessary information about universities, available majors, admission requirements, expected costs, and other important matters. This is done by communicating with a specialized educational consultant who has the expertise and knowledge to assist applicants in making informed decisions


Application and acceptance

The process of application and acceptance at Turkish universities includes preparing documents and making necessary contacts with educational consultants, submitting documents to desired government or private universities, waiting for preliminary and final acceptance, completing admission procedures, and obtaining an entry visa to Turkey. This includes paying tuition fees, arranging accommodations, and preparing to move to Turkey


Final procedures

After obtaining final acceptance, the final procedures include paying the registration fees and submitting the necessary documents such as passport, high school diploma, and others. Afterward, registration is confirmed and the student is provided with all the information related to studying, residency, and visa. In the case of studying abroad, travel arrangements, accommodations, and visa are arranged and secured

Why is Turkey the best place for university studies?

Turkey shines as one of the best global destinations for university studies, ranking second worldwide in the number of international students enrolled in higher education. Additionally, Turkey has a high standing due to its inclusion in the Bologna Process, aimed at unifying the education system in European countries. Since the Turkish education system complies with European quality standards, degrees earned by students from Turkish universities are recognized and accepted in all European countries. Furthermore, Turkish universities adopt the unified European grading system, which facilitates the recognition of degrees and the transfer of credits between universities. Turkey is the ideal place for students seeking high-quality education and outstanding learning opportunities in a diverse and wonderful cultural atmosphere.

  • Turkey: The gateway to higher education in Europe
  • Turkey and higher education: a journey that turned from ambition into a shining reality
  • High quality education and internationally recognized diplomas
  • Turkey: the place for discovering outstanding higher education

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University studies in Turkey – The gateway to education

Partial scholarships of up to 80% are available for many majors at private universities in Turkey, with tuition costs starting from $2250 per year. The gateway to education is your secure gateway to ensuring your spot at a Turkish university

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