The foreign student needs in Turkey for all living matters, including housing and living expenses such as food, transportation and entertainment, about $ 250-500 per month, more or less according to the style of living that the student chooses.

Turkey is one of the favorite countries to visit and stay for many people. We find large numbers of different nationalities that come to Turkey every year for the purpose of tourism, work, study, or staying and living in Turkey, because the cost of living in Turkey is relatively low than the cost of living in Europe and many Gulf countries, and the number of visitors to Turkey increases year after year.

Turkey attracted a record number of visitors in 2019, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute TÜK, with 51.9 million visitors.

In many countries, providing basic living necessities is difficult due to high costs that vary by country.

Housing, various types of food, basic and luxury services are all fully available in Turkey, as the country provides its residents and visitors with basic services such as electricity and water without interruption, as well as a vast transportation network, whether within cities or connecting cities, as well as the luxuries of entertainment and tourism centers and picturesque nature.

In many ways, Turkey is one of the least expensive countries to live in. According to a study published on the Numbeo website, the cost of living in Turkey is 55.24% lower than in the United States, and the rent in Turkey is on average 83.25% lower than in the United States and many European countries, especially when we consider the country’s public services and the ease of integration of foreigners into society. Turkish people and their sense of security.

In terms of housing and internal departments, university students who wish to study in Turkish universities have a variety of options.

Female student departments are separate from male student departments in almost all state residences, university residences, and boarding departments in Turkey. The number of people staying in the rooms varies depending on the accommodation, for example, a two-person room or a three-person room, and this determines the cost per person.

Each room has its own privacy, and there are some public gathering areas within the residence, such as the mosque, games hall, dining hall, salons, and classrooms.

The monthly fees for housing and dormitories vary depending on the university and the number of people in the room.

For the year 2020, the monthly fees for housing and internal departments run by the state’s KYK range from 200 TL to 340 TL, and the application for housing in these sections is done through a special comparison determined by the state and determining the number of foreign students that can be received.

Most dorms and dormitories have their own cafeterias and common dining halls for students, with the majority of them offering two meals at a lower cost than restaurants outside the residence.

Private university housing is more readily available, and hiring it is simpler because there is no comparison with the state, and acceptance is guaranteed. Some are affiliated with a specific private university, while the majority are public, are not affiliated with a specific university, and accept students from all universities.

Internal departments and private residences offer more services and a wider range of meals, as well as room cleaning services, laundry and ironing facilities, and the basic services of internet, heating, and hot water throughout the year.

It is distinguished by the presence of monitoring and security systems, as many students prefer it for its high level of safety and distinguished services.

Furthermore, many of the internal departments and private residences have sports facilities and multiple entertainment facilities, as well as private study halls and a TV hall, and many of them have a separate integrated bathroom for each room, as well as the presence of a small refrigerator in each room.

The monthly cost in private dormitories and interiors varies depending on the services provided and the number of people in each room, and ranges between $75 and $200 per month per person, with options at various prices.

Renting a house or a room in a house: Because many students prefer to choose their accommodation and food partners based on their preferences, renting an apartment is the best option for them.

The cost of monthly rent varies and is influenced by many factors, including the neighborhood, proximity to tourist areas, whether the apartment is furnished or empty, distance from vital facilities such as public transportation, and many others. However, the average monthly rent for apartments is between 1,500-2,500 TL per month, with other options available at higher and lower prices.

In addition, those looking to rent an apartment must consider gas, electricity, internet, and water costs, which are not prohibitively expensive. The average monthly bill for a four-person household is less than $100, and it varies depending on the amount of gas and electricity consumed.

Public transportation is always available to get you where you need to go.

Some modes of transportation, such as metro, metrobus, tramway, internal transport buses, and municipal ships that transport passengers, are available 24/24, safe to use, and equipped with the latest equipment such as air conditioning and heating, and cover the city completely between its European and Asian sides. Across the Bosphorus, between Istanbul’s European and Asian sides.

For students in general, whether they are citizens or foreigners, there is a significant discount on transportation costs, such as in Istanbul, where the monthly subscription for students has been reduced from 205 Turkish liras to 45 Turkish liras for the year 2020, allowing the holder to use public transportation 200 times at this cost.

Food and its numerous options

Turkey is an agricultural country that produces most types of foods, so the prices of vegetables and meat in Turkey are not exorbitant.

Turkish cuisine’s diversity and mediation between East and West gave it an advantage and international fame in terms of deliciousness and variety of dishes.

One of the most important characteristics of Turkish restaurants is the high commitment to hygiene and safety standards, which distinguishes Turkish society, whose homes are clean and tidy. Furthermore, the state monitors restaurant operations, food quality, and adherence to hygiene and safety regulations.

Despite the high quality and variety, you will always find a restaurant that welcomes you and is affordable, especially for students, as meal prices per person start at around $2 per meal.

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