Initially, business administration refers to the performance or management of business operations, which may include important decision-making. As a result, it is likely to include worker and other resource organizational efficiency, so that activities are directed toward achieving common goals and objectives.

Because the duration of the business administration program in Turkey is four years, plus a preparatory year to study the Turkish language if the university is governmental or English if the study is at a private university. In terms of study language, most Turkish universities will use English.

The Advantages of a Business Administration Degree in Turkey

A study of business administration in Turkey receives a high ranking in the various classifications of the best universities in the world, and this is due to the fact that these private Turkish universities provide practical training for their students in many Turkish companies, and also enables the student to work in the European market in the future because He studied in English.

Furthermore, it provides high-quality practical and theoretical training delivered by a select group of academics of studying Business Administration in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying business administration in Turkey?

According to the registration system in Turkish universities, students who want to study in Turkey at private universities must have a grade point average higher than 50%.

What are the skills required for a specialist in business administration?

  1. Continuous research and self -development skills.
  2. Analytical and critical thinking skills.
  3. Problem solving skills in creative ways.
  4. Time organizing skill.
  5. Optimal exploitation skills for available resources.
  6. Effective communication skills.
  7. The ability to adapt.
  8. Driving and carrying out multiple tasks at the same time

What are the sections of business administration?

Business Administration is an important specialization, and it includes several sections complementing each other, namely:

  1. Public Relations.
  2. Public Administration.
  3. Supply and supply chains.
  4. Advertising or marketing.
  5. Financing and accounting.
  6. logistical operations.
  7. Human Resources.
  8. Entrepreneurship.
  9. Business Administration.

What are the subjects to study taught in business administration in Turkey?

The academic program content varies by specialty at each university, and the student can learn more about the content and subjects in each academic year by visiting the university’s website where he wants to enroll.

The following are the four-year academic courses for the specialization of business administration.

The first academic year:

  1. Business Mathematics.
  2. Financial Accounting.
  3. Introduction to management.
  4. Introduction to economics.
  5. The basics of law.

 the second academic year:

  1. Business financing.
  2. Accounting and cost management.
  3. Operations management.
  4. Social responsibility and ethics.
  5. Human Resources Management.
  6. Marketing Department

 the third academic year:

  1. Companies financing.
  2. Financial institutions and markets.
  3. Organizational behavior.

As for the fourth academic year:

  1. Administrative economy.
  2. Consumer behavior.
  3. Work environment.
  4. Management strategies.

What areas does a business administration graduate work at ?

Graduate students from Turkish business administration universities can work as managers in a variety of sectors such as banking, insurance, pharmaceutical industries, and retail trade, and their English language specialization allows them to work in the European market as well, where they can work in the following areas:

  1. Development of strategies.
  2. Project management.
  3. Human Resources Management.
  4. Preparing and managing the budget.
  5. cost analysis.
  6. Marketing.
  7. Data management and analysis.
  8. Digital Marketing.
  9. Sales Management.
  10. Production and Planning Management.
  11. Accounting.
  12. Financial planning and management.
  13. Public Administration.
  14. Investing in securities.

The costs of studying business administration in Turkey

The wages for a study of business administration in Turkey are among the intermediate wages compared to other countries, ranging between $4,000 and $8,000 in private universities, and there are significant discounts for those who are registered through our “Education Portal” website.

What universities are studying business administration in Turkey?

The most famous Turkish universities are available in Business Administration, namely:

  1. Istanbul Ukan University.
  2. Bahcheh Shahir Istanbul University.
  3. Medi Bulmidi University.
  4. Istanbul Aiden University.
  5. Istanbul University of Gillishim.

Finally, in the “Education Portal,” we assist students in selecting an appropriate specialization. Our team at “Education Portal” offers our experience in assisting students step by step in choosing the appropriate university specialization for them and correct registration based on our long experience in this field and in Turkey, which has exceeded seven years by registering and dealing with private universities and registration in it.

To summarize, we have clarified all issues concerning the specialization of business administration in Turkey in private universities, the materials studied in this specialization, and the universities where this specialization is taught in this article.

You can also contact us through the “Education Portal” if you have any questions about selecting the best university specialization to study.

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