What do we offer to our customers?



We offer you all of our expertise in the world of commerce and contribute to your success.


Services for admission to private and government Turkish universities.


We offer you distinctive tourism services right at your fingertips. 

Univers Gates Group Education Portal: Let your graduation cap soar with us at the Univers Gates Group Education Portal. We help you determine the appropriate university major for you and provide you with free admission. We also offer discounts and partial scholarships that cover many university majors.

Who we are?

About Us

UniverseGates is a company operating in the fields of education, tourism, and commerce in Turkey. It provides educational services for international students, comprehensive tourism services for international visitors, and facilitates trade operations between companies in Turkey and international companies.

customer reviews

customer appreciation and support

Excellent service and a professional and friendly team. I benefited greatly from the company’s services in organizing my trip to Turkey, and the team was fully prepared to answer all my inquiries and meet my needs

Mazen Sultan

My experience with UniverseGates was amazing. I had no issues during the registration process for the academic program and the lessons were great. The team was always available to help and answer any questions

Ahmad Sad

I used UniverseGates’ services to book a hotel and arrange for sightseeing tours, and my experience was excellent. The team was cooperative and attentive to my needs, and I loved the details of the sightseeing tours they provided for me. I will recommend UniverseGates to my friends and family in the future

Sali Baraka